Events - 25.05.2023

"The Backgammon” by Τhe Theater.doc

Τhe Theater.doc Theatre Group of MdM-Greece participates in the 9th Thessaloniki Forest Festival 2023 and presents the play “The backgammon” by Dimitris Kechaides, at the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, the main stage of the National Theatre of Northern Greece (NTNG).

The Theater.doc Theatre Group of MdM-Greece, started its operation in 2018, consisting of volunteer health workers and administrators of the Open Polyclinic of MdM Thessaloniki.

Through the eyes of director C. Bountouris:

In Kechairis’ works, when he writes alone or with E. Chaviara, the final place is the dream. Everything begins with the aim of a journey and until the exit a sequence of episodes, like tides. Sometimes close, sometimes more distant. The initial collision is an occasion, a game, a play, a theatre of each day. Relationships seem to dissolve, internal bonds seem to collapse. Until human nature rediscovers its true cell, its childhood. And kindness, honesty, forgiveness return again. The courtyard of the play is not located in a popular neighborhood, the backgammon will not be played on a table with two chairs facing each other. A courtyard is the place where people are and talk and share. The Zalokosta street, the Ioannina of my childhood, the square of Kornofolia or the Roman market of Thessaloniki. The plan may not happen in reality, the journey may be aborted, but it will happen in the inner place, the only real one.

The dream lasts a moment, an illusion. And what is backgammon? A representation of life: we roll our dice…


«The Backgammon» by Dimitris Kechaides

  • Thursday 22 & Friday 23 June, at 21:00
  • NTNG – Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, Ethnikis Amynis 2, Thessaloniki
  • Duration: 95 minutes – Suitable for all


National Theatre of Northern Greece (Τ: 2315 200 200 –

  • Royal Theatre (White Tower Square): Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 21:00
  • Aristotelous Square: Monday – Friday, 11:00 – 19:00

(In presale points POS is not available)

  • General Admission: 7€
  • Unemployed & Students: 4€
  • Disabled persons with a companion: Free
  • Children up to 12 years old: Free


Editing – Directed by C. G. Bountouris.

Lighting: Tryphon Kechagias

Stage design: Hermione Kontogoula

Backdrops:  Katerina Lioliou

Music arrangements: Prodromos Karadeloglou, Michalis Mitkoudis

Interpretation: Prodromos Karadeloglou, Fotini Agathangelou

Filming – Photography: Babis Papadakis

Graffiti: Mahmud Karab, Asod NR40

Poster design: George Voulgaridis

The performers, in the order in which they appear:

Colias: Vassilis Vogiatzis

Fontas: Konstantinos Triantafilloudis

Also participating is the “Moussa” Conservatory


*The proceeds of the performances will be donated to support the work of MdM.