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Many people living in Greece find it impossible to access essential health services – even though they are fully entitled to them. For the most part, these people belong to vulnerable social groups, such as the homeless, the poor, the elderly, undocumented migrants, refugees and women, as well as people with limited or no access to the National Health System.

Médecins du Monde operates facilities and carries out actions aiming at unhindered access to comprehensive health services, based on the principles of equality and non-discrimination.


The Open Polyclinics of Médecins du Monde have been operating for more than 25 years, with the main objective of providing primary health care as well as social and psychological support to people belonging to vulnerable social groups, such as the homeless, the poor, the elderly, undocumented migrants, refugees and any other person with limited or no access to the National Health System. The Open Polyclinics operate in central and accessible locations in Athens and Thessaloniki.


People living in remote regions, both on the mainland and on the islands, especially during the winter months, have reduced access to health structures (hospitals and health centres) either because of the long distances they have to travel or because of harsh weather conditions. In response to the conditions created by the prolonged recession in Greek society, Médecins du Monde is stepping up its activities in Greece by implementing new programs aimed at meeting the needs of even more vulnerable social groups.

Γιατροί του Κόσμου Ελλάδας-

Médecins du Monde Greece, through its daily experience and the collection of statistical data, has observed a dramatic increase in the demand for basic and primary healthcare services in both urban centres and rural areas.


Médecins du Monde promotes sexual and reproductive health rights around the world, particularly in places where access to family planning, contraception and abortion is limited or non-existent and where LGBTQ+ communities are excluded from mainstream healthcare. At the same time, violence against women remains a major social problem with global dimensions. It results from the perpetuation of gender inequality, horizontal and classless, while disproportionately increasing the risk of exposure to additional aggravating factors such as poverty and social exclusion. Almost 1 in 3 women has been abused in her lifetime. The full exercise of sexual and reproductive rights is a prerequisite for sustainable development and progress towards gender equality.



Proximity and accessibility of mental health and welfare services is very difficult or even impossible for homeless people, poor households, refugees and asylum seekers. Médecins du Monde provides basic mental health and psychosocial support services complementary to the health and social care services of the Open Polyclinics, with the aim of providing appropriate psychological assistance and psychosocial support services to vulnerable social groups. Emphasising that mental health is as important as physical health, Médecins du Monde provides the capability of psychological support/psychological first aid.


Médecins du Monde’s harm reduction actions are some of the longest-running among public health programs. They are aimed first and foremost at raising awareness and providing information as part of the organisation’s broader strategic effort to combat discrimination and the exclusion of marginalised groups from access to safe and appropriate health services. At the same time, on-site harm reduction and primary health care and psychosocial counselling activities are carried out for people who use addictive substances. Through the program, it seeks to promote voluntary testing in the community, early diagnosis, referrals, testing and treatment of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections through peer outreach and support.


Movement of people in search of a better life will not stop as long as there are wars, extreme poverty and natural disasters. Greece remains a major gateway to the European Union for refugees and economic migrants seeking a safe environment away from their country. In order to meet the needs of migrant populations and those who remain stranded in Greece, Médecins du Monde operates both in urban areas and in the reception areas, ensuring access to primary health care, sexual and reproductive health, psychosocial support and safe living conditions for the populations.


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