Γιατροί του Κόσμου Ελλάδας-Resources Management

ORGANISATION Resources Management


Médecins du Monde Greece is a transparent organisation. We want you to know how we allocate the financial resources so generously entrusted to us. You can view our important tax and financial documents below. A key priority is to reduce office operating costs, performance costs, and PR and outreach costs so that all funds are actually allocated to funding missions.

Sources of funding for Médecins du Monde include:

  • Contributions and donations from members and friends of the organisation: the bedrock of the organisation. Members and friends of the organisation, ordinary people who support our work every day.
  • Sponsorships from companies and institutions: we are looking for sponsors among companies and institutions that will help us in our important new projects in Greece.
  • European Union Funds, Governmental and International Organisations: this is where our resources for our missions abroad mainly come from.
  • Endowments: they are a goal and a necessity. Securing them will help to cover annual operating costs.

European Transparency Register: 601645244687-08