News - 22.09.2023

Memories of a lifetime in the mud

Drying their photos under the sun

“We’ve lost everything, at least let our memories remain”

The residents of Thessaly are in despair, two weeks after the devastating passage of the storm Daniel. Numerous problems are surfacing and their needs are growing. Those affected are trying to pick up the pieces and see how they can continue their lives smoothly.

Their everyday life has changed dramatically. In many areas there is still no drinking water and there is a serious risk of infection. MdM-Greece, who was in the affected area of Thessaly from the very first moment, experienced the drama of the people who lived through the disaster.

Every house and a calvary. The work of a lifetime sunk in muddy waters and people remain there to save what has been left. So does E from Koskina. On the porch table she has laid out photos washed away by the bad weather and is patiently waiting for them to dry. She stoically waits for the memories of a lifetime to dry, lest they too be lost forever, to have something to hold back.

“We lost everything, just so our memories don’t get lost”, she says while showing us the photos. “My whole household was destroyed but I’m trying to save these pictures, of my children and my husband, so I have somewhere to hold on to.”

E’s home was destroyed

E has recently lost her husband and is now living with friends and relatives. E’s home was destroyed by the floods and she is now temporarily living in the house across the street with her neighbour who is hosting her.

“Two old women, what can we do first? I have blood sugar. My meds are ruined!” she says, adding, “What can we do to clean up? Mud and water everywhere… on the floors, on the beds in the cupboards…”

Médecins du Monde Greece provided the necessary care and psychosocial support to the flood victims while remaining at their side. Their needs are increasing and require the support of all of us. The disasters and problems for the inhabitants of Thessaly are immeasurable as we are on the threshold of adverse weather conditions due to the upcoming winter.

Those affected need us by their side and we will not stop assisting as much as possible until their needs are met. Together we can do more.


Anyone who wishes to support the work of MdM-Greece in the affected areas can do so by making a donation to one of the following bank accounts, indicating the word “Floods



Account Number: 141/29611217
IBAN: GR27 0110 1410 0000 1412 9611 217 / SWIFT: ETHNGRAA


Account Number: 199-00-2002-002401
IBAN: GR06 0140 1990 1990 0200 2002 401 / SWIFT: CRBAGRAAXXX


Account Number: 5018-005706-640
IBAN: GR03 0172 0180 0050 1800 5706 640 / SWIFT: PIRBGRAA


Account Number: 0026/0003/01/0100789826
IBAN: GR92 0260 0030 0000 1010 0789 826 / SWIFT: EFGPGRAA

After you make the deposit, please contact the Donations Dept at or in order to send you your receipt.


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