Press Release - 28.07.2023

MdM-Greece in the fire-affected areas

MdM-Greece, as part of their emergency response to emergency situations, are in Corfu to support our fellow people affected by the wildfires.

MdM-Greece, in cooperation with the local authorities, responding to the needs of the fire-stricken areas of the island, sent a special team to Acharavi, the coordination center of the firefighting operations of North Corfu.

The MdM-Greece team will carry out an assessment of the health needs and psychosocial situation of residents in the areas affected by the recent fires in North Corfu in cooperation with the Medical Association of Corfu and the Social Services of the Municipality of North Corfu.

The team of MdM-Greece consists of a pathologist /gerontologist, a pulmonologist, a pediatrician, a nurse, a social worker and administrative staff. As part of MdM-Greece presence in the area, field visits will be made to affected settlements and the team will deliver essential health supplies and consumables.

MdM-Greece are in constant consultation with the authorities, and they will then head to other fire-affected areas of the country. The aim of the action, in addition to providing emergency assistance, is to assess the wider needs of the affected communities so that actions can be implemented soon to provide ongoing medical care to those affected by the devastating fires.

By actively showing their support, the MdM-Greece teams are once again there where there is a need for help, wherever people are.


MdM-Greece would like to thank KERKYRA Seaways for the free transportation of the MdM-Greece team, GEFYRA S.A. (Rio-Antirrio Bridge/Charilaos Trikoupis) for the free passage as well as Mareblue Beach Resort for its hospitality.


Anyone who wishes to support the work of MdM-Greece in the fire-affected areas can do so by making a donation to one of the following bank accounts, indicating the word “Fires



Account Number: 141/29611217
IBAN: GR27 0110 1410 0000 1412 9611 217 / SWIFT: ETHNGRAA


Account Number: 199-00-2002-002401
IBAN: GR06 0140 1990 1990 0200 2002 401 / SWIFT: CRBAGRAAXXX


Account Number: 5018-005706-640
IBAN: GR03 0172 0180 0050 1800 5706 640 / SWIFT: PIRBGRAA


Account Number: 0026/0003/01/0100789826
IBAN: GR92 0260 0030 0000 1010 0789 826 / SWIFT: EFGPGRAA

After you make the deposit, please contact the Donations Dept at or in order to send you your receipt.


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