Press Release - 16.01.2023

The Smile Project at Perama

Motor Oil Group and Médecins du Monde implement another project for the care of our fellow people

Motor Oil Group and Médecins du Monde join forces and share smiles, implementing the “Smile Project” preventive dental care program. The project includes medical visits in regions all over Greece as well as awareness campaigns in cooperation with local authorities.

The aim of the project is to provide access to quality dental care services and information on dental hygiene and preventive care in the local communities where Motor Oil Group operates, while, where necessary, coordinated referrals and appropriate follow-up will be made to public services.

Specifically, on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 January, the preventive dental care program “Smile Project” will take place in the Municipality of Perama at the 2nd KAPI of Perama. Subsequently, on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 February, the dental unit of Médecins du Monde will be located in the Municipality of Aspropyrgos and in particular at the social service of the Municipality.

This initiative is a continuation of the “Care for All” project, a collaboration between Motor Oil Group and Médecins du Monde. Besides, Motor Oil Group, firmly maintaining its values and principles, continues to operate consistently as an integral member of the local communities in which it operates, and with a strong sense of contribution, adopts and implements practices and actions of care for our fellow people.

The action is carried out with the cooperation of the Municipality of Perama.