Press Release - 24.04.2023

“Women in the dark” by CHÓRES

“Spoudaia Events” continues to pursue a better world through art, by organizing a musical weekend in the darkness with the exceptional voices of the female vocal ensemble CHÓRES, in order to support the operation of the Open Accommodation Center – “A Step Forward” of Médecins du Monde.

Following the sold out concerts in the dark with Alkino Ioannidis, Natassa Bofiliou, Maria Papageorgiou and stand-up comedian Giorgos Hadjipavlou, “Spoudaia Events” invite CHÓRES, on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 May at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation for two nights of connection and musical magic.

Also, through the healing and transformative experience of music and female mutual support, the artists who make up the unique female vocal ensemble CHÓRES will offer a message of solidarity to struggling women, encouraging them to discover the light within their souls and communities in a shared experience of catharsis and introspection.

On the occasion of the musical performance “Women in the dark”, CHÓRES told us:  “This is a unique musical event that highlights the strength and resilience of women who have faced or are facing difficult times in their lives. The concert is a celebration of the strength and courage of women and a reminder that, even in the darkest of times, there is always hope and the possibility of healing and overcoming adversity.”


Date: Monday 8 & Tuesday 9 May 2023

Venue: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Opening time: 21.00

Ticket price:

General Admission: 17€

PwsN / Unemployed / Students / Pupils: 14€

CHÓRES artistic direction: Marina Satti

Music Teaching – Direction CHÓRES: Irini Pacea

A few words about CHÓRES:

The women’s choir CHÓRES operates within the framework of the activity of the NGO WOMO. WOMO was founded in 2018 with the aim of preserving, disseminating, highlighting, promoting and presenting any artistic expression that promotes culture and art, with particular emphasis on the promotion of Greek cultural heritage.

CHÓRES, having music as their main means of communication, experiment on the connection of elements of different cultures, removing geographical and age boundaries, and using all means of expression to produce messages. Resulting from a series of artistic events aimed at highlighting the international traditional repertoire organized in 2016 by Marina Satti, CHÓRES now numbers more than 150 women aged 13-55. Moreover, they are united by common concerns around the expressive arts, acceptance and inclusion of diversity, a love of learning and participation in a mutually supportive community.

CHÓRES has not stopped growing, with the participation of new members and the strengthening of the educational work with recognized teachers from different artistic fields.

A few words about Médecins du Monde

Médecins du Monde – Greece, founded in 1990, is a medical, humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization, member of the International Network of Doctors of the World, which consists of 17 delegations (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America).

Médecins du Monde Open Accommodation Center – “A Step Forward” accommodates every woman and mother of any origin who is in a state of precariousness, socially vulnerable women facing great difficulties. The Open Center operates 24 hours a day throughout the week in order to provide quality reception conditions and support services on a daily basis.

Finally, the long-term aim of the Médecins du Monde shelter is to protect and support socially vulnerable women, ensuring quality standards of safe housing and all the necessary services they may need such as psychosocial support, legal counselling, recreational activities, health care, nutrition and security.