Integration & Inclusion

EPIM - Psychosocial support

Informed MHPPS Systems & Processes

Access to mental health care in Greece remains limited even for Greek nationals while the modus operandi of state actors is outdated. The ongoing shortage of human resources for mental health, the dearth of specialized mental health professionals, compounded by a lack of culturally adapted and scientifically updated interventions, means that the country is unable to meet the growing demand for culturally-diverse, mental health services. Access to quality and efficient MHPSS services is particularly compromised for the most vulnerable: for the refugees and asylum seekers in Greece, exposure to ongoing post-migration and Covid-19 related stressors is rising.

With these in mind, the project will create and enhance a set of minimum multi-sectoral models of responses, procedures and tools to protect and improve people’s mental health and psychosocial well-being, especially during unpredicted, emergency situations. These responses will be transformed into concrete practices and Standard Operating Procedures, available to front line professionals and civil society organizations in Greece.


The Covid-19 pandemic has once again demonstrated the need for a strong health system based on solidarity for all and for coordination that transcends national borders. MdM-Greece adapted their function to the new rules and social distancing imposed by the disease, but they did not stop for a moment to be next to those most in need: refugees, migrants, the homeless, the elderly and other vulnerable groups of people who are still in need for additional support and care.

MdM-Greece with emergency funding coming from EPIM, managed to enhance the operation of their polyclinic with additional personnel, medicines, medical consumables and other essential items and protection equipment. Hygiene kits with necessary antiseptics and masks and printed material with information, were shared on the streets of Athens, while oral instructions and direct advice were given by the MdM field teams. In Lesvos, the organization strengthened its work with additional medicines and medical consumables.