News - 09.10.2023

MdM-Greece and Alumil together

To support socially vulnerable people

MdM-Greece and Alumil company that designs and produces aluminium architectural systems, signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding to support socially vulnerable people in Thessaloniki.

The MoU was signed by the coordinator of MdM-Greece in Thessaloniki, Mr. Athanasios Roussos, and the Sustainability Manager of Alumil , Mr. George Phytianou.

Within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding, volunteer doctors of MdM-Greece will hold monthly presentations and workshops aimed at informing Alumil employees on issues related to child psychology, vaccination, women’s health and type b diabetes, as well as updates on existing and new activities, such as the organization of soup kitchens and psychological support for people suffering from alcoholism problems.

Alumil undertakes the provision and installation, in the form of a donation, of aluminium systems in the building on Lagada Street, which was granted to MdM-Greece by the Municipality of Thessaloniki for the housing of a new Polyclinic for socially vulnerable people. At the same time, it supports and reinforces MdM-Greece action aimed at helping vulnerable people (homeless, destitute, substance-dependent, Roma, elderly, etc.)

Together, through the operation of the new social polyclinic and our joint actions, we will contribute to the unhindered access of marginalized population groups to health and medical services, as well as to the awareness and information of our people around important medical issues that concern them and their families.