News - 03.06.2024

The "Care for All" project in Rethymno

In the Municipality of Amari and the Health Center of Agia Fotini, an 11-member team of MdM-Greece with the support of the Motor Oil Group provided health services, so that no one is excluded from necessary health services due to social, geographical or other restrictions.

In continuation of the programme of medical visits to remote areas with difficulties in accessing specialised health services, the project “Care for All“, carried out by MdM-Greece with the support of the Motor Oil Group, travelled to Rethymno and the Municipality of Amari on Friday 31 May – Sunday 2 June 2024.

A remote municipality with 26 villages and about 90% of the population consisting of elderly farmers and livestock owners with additional work for survival, hosted at the Agia Fotini Health Center an 11-member team of MdM-Greece of 7 different medical specialties to conduct clinical and laboratory tests to all residents of the area, while spreading the value of health prevention to vulnerable people with difficulties in accessing basic health services.

Following consultation with the local authorities to determine the needs, in the framework of the mission, a total of 398 of our fellow citizens were able to receive preventive services equivalent to those provided in urban centres, through cardiological, pathological, ophthalmological, dental, gynaecological and radiological screening by the medical staff of Médecins du Monde, who, through the Mobile Health Unit, also carried out home visits to our fellow citizens who were unable to move.

It is also noted that, in the cases that were needed, electronic prescription was covered, while it was also possible to facilitate general and specialized microbiological tests of the beneficiaries with referral to a microbiological center.

With the belief that Health is a fundamental human right, MdM remains at the forefront of serving needs so that no person is excluded from necessary health services due to social, geographical or other constraints. Thus, with the support of Motor Oil Group, the implementation of the “Care for All” project continues, providing preventive and health education services to our fellow human beings throughout Greece. The aim of the project is the early diagnosis and prevention of health in the general population and the provision of integrated and quality health services in various regions of the country. At the same time, the aim is to raise awareness and health education in local communities as well as linking and referral to the public health system.

The action was implemented with the support of the Municipality of Amari, the Medical Association of Rethymnon and the Dental Association of Rethymnon, whom we thank for their warm welcome and cooperation.

MdM also thanks Aegean Airlines and ANEK Lines for their support in the safe transportation of our team.