Reports - 21.06.2023

Floods in Ukraine

Ten dead and 20 injured so far in the disaster at the hydroelectric dam in Nova Kahofka that has resulted in widespread flooding. At the same time, 35 people are missing, including 7 children and 5 military personnel.

The mass displacement of the affected people continues unabated. 51 buses have been mobilised for the evacuation of civilians, while trains from Kherson to Kiev and from Kherson to Lviv are running on odd days. At the same time, 14 evacuation centres have been set up (13 in the town of Cherson and 1 in the village of Vysokoe, Beryslav district).

A total of 2,782 people have been evacuated, including 309 children and 78 people with limited mobility – 80% of people, fearing looting, remain near their homes and refuse to leave Nova Kahofka, strongly wishing to return to them once the water level recedes, which is expected to reach critical levels. There are currently 423 people in temporary evacuation centres, including 70 people with limited mobility and 7 children. So far, psychological assistance has been provided to 398 people. Since the start of operations, the rescue services have received 1,536 calls from citizens.

Great disasters

The widespread flooding has destroyed 3,801 houses, at least 80 settlements have been affected (on both sides of the Dnieper River bank) and 28 large industrial installations have been flooded. The Chersonas Clinical Hospital has been flooded, and the modular container building in Blahativka has been destroyed. There is a serious risk of flooding for 35 health care facilities and 6 evacuation centres have already started operating. Twenty-two brigades from the Emergency Management Centre and 6 crews from the Red Cross are on evacuation standby.

Rescuers are working feverishly to pump out the water. As of 15 June, 22,000 tonnes of water had been pumped out of 88 houses and basements (since the beginning of the work, more than 59,000 tonnes of water have been pumped out of 245 houses and basements), with the participation of 69 motorised pumps. For the time being, the water level near the bridges is not rising and is gradually decreasing. However, as a result of the rising water level in the Dnieper River, there is a serious problem in the sewage drainage systems of 170,000 inhabitants.

The population of 36 settlements in Dariyivska, Bilozerka, Tiahynska, Novokakhovska, Chornobaivska, Kalynivska, and Cherson have been fully supplied with food. During the day of 15 June, emergency services workers delivered 49 tons of water (of which 36 tons were potable) and 4,495 kg of food and essentials for citizens. At the same time, there is a significant demand for alternative cooking appliances (stoves, gas burners); several areas are facing problems with electricity and gas supply.