Emergency Response

Fill the MHPSS Gap

The main objectives of Médecins du Monde Fill the MHPSS Gap project to support people’s mental health in Ukraine, are to define a model of an integrated approach to mental health management in selected communities (hromadas) in 3 regions of Ukraine (Sumy, Chernivtsy, Odesa), as well as to support the implementation of this model in cooperation with national and local authorities and to evaluate its implementation with the ultimate goal of its improvement and possible expansion.

More specifically, MdM-Greece involves experts with different scientific backgrounds who conduct field research at the community level to identify the potential, needs and gaps in the provision of mental health services. MdM-Greece also works to raise awareness, thereby increasing access to necessary and acceptable psychosocial support services (MHPSS). Finally, Médecins du Monde will identify training needs in their area of operation and train social workers, health professionals and community members on the WHO mhGAP and PM+ modules.


  1. The project aims to provide the Government of Ukraine with a comprehensive MHPSS model for addressing mental health and psychosocial problems. The model should suit both communities that are particularly exposed and communities that are less exposed to war violence. The model is intended to be feasible in both urban and rural communities with a focus on rural areas.
  2. The MHPSS model to be developed will be piloted in Chernivtsi, Sumy and Odesa regions.
  3. The project team will review the implementation of the model and provide recommendations for its improvement and expansion.



Ukraine is making an ongoing effort to defend and maintain its public services in the midst of the Russian attack. In this framework, it is promoting health and mental health reforms aimed at transforming and modernising its health system. And while the first positive results of the reform have already been seen, more effort and a holistic approach are needed to ensure these results in the long term.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put additional pressure on an already strained mental health system, disrupting much-needed psychosocial support services. At the same time, fear and anxiety from exposure to violence and trauma, along with stressors related to displacement, family separation and loss of livelihoods, have increased for all civilians as the war has escalated.

The World Bank

The World Bank (WB) has supported health sector reform through both operational and technical assistance projects. Also The World Bank has an active portfolio in Ukraine, which includes:

  • To carry out advisory and analytical work supporting the implementation of health sector reforms
  • The modernisation of the health system and
  • Dealing with Covid-19